Our Facilities

A team of devoted teachers:

It is the teacher who makes the knowledge reality-related to life. A team of devoted and dedicated teachers, here at Daffodils English School, is rendering its services quite efficiently. They are adequately qualified, trained and experienced but what makes them different is their tender and caring attitudes.

Library - cum - reading room

One of the essential components of a good school is its library which has a vital place in school's make up.We have a beautiful. Comfortable double- floor spacious Iibrary. To enrich it we have acquired books covering all branches of knowledge. We have in our library, a wide range of books and magazines related to current affair


As mentioned earlier we offer 'Science Stream' for higher classes with Physics, Chemistry & Biology. For these subjects there are three separate, well— equipped and spacious labs, with all important and necessary modern equipments to carry out the practical efficiently

Computer Lab

Keeping in view the advancement in modern technology and the need for job-oriented education. We have computer lab enriched with terminals and qualified trained faculty. Each student gets sufficient time to work on the system. To meet the requirement Computer Education has beenintroduced right from KG - l onwards.


There is a huge planned play ground for Cricket, Foot ball, Volley ball, Kho - Kho, Basket ball, Athletics etc. to encourage the students in the sports of their own interest.

Filter Water:

The school provides filter water facility for all the students.

Display Board

The well decorated Display Boards with meaningful write ups, beautiful sketches, poems, riddles arts & crafts presentation etc. reflect the aesthetic aspects of students personality. Besides the Display Boards there are a number of Notice Boards for information to students about regular updates pertaining to time table, various competitive exams and other important matters.


Bus facility is available