The School

Director's Message

Daffodils English School was started in the year 1996 with a handful of teachers, building with limited capacity and classes only up to pre-primary. The vision then was the same as it is today, it was very well understood then, that any educational institution is not just about imparting knowledge. We knew very well the fact that information alone is not knowledge and knowledge alone is not wisdom, there is a term called Holistic development. I am proud to say that we strive and aim towards achieving that and keeping that idea as our primary vision it was in the year 2007 that we came up with a tremendous infrastructure in a massive campus surrounded by lush green flora. Having had that dream achieved of the planned capacious infrastructure we projected even further by getting the desired and much needed CBSE Affiliation, which we knew would mark itself as a milestone in our goal and responsibility towards the children, who have in their tender hands in turn the responsibility of this country and the world's future.I personally feel that we ourselves are equally responsible for them to attain excellence in their lives, so when the responsibility which is in their hands today would shift to their shoulders someday they should be able to handle them easily without any hassle. We want to impart not just knowledge but wisdom, not learning but values, not education but a foundation for an overall personality. Which i know for sure would change the current scenario into that of a better and harmonious tomorrow. its our commitment to give our best in achieving this goal and I am thankful to all for their contribution towards the betterment of our children and the institution.

Minhaj Asad

Daffodils English School, Kota, Raipur.