About School


India in recent times is growing rapidly as the knowledge centre of the world. Here in lies the emphasis for proper and quality education.Besides classroom teaching, attempts are made for proper development of human values. At the same time we also lay due emphasis on developing proper skills and scientific temperament. So that the child becomes a part in the development of our Country.

In this world of cut throat competition it is our endeavors to equip the children with knowledge, wisdom and to introduce new concepts in education with a view to improve its quality especially keeping in view the present days needs. All round development of the child that we aim at, matters more in these times rather than mere exam results.. Realizing the demands and challenges of 21st century we have started Daffodils English School in a broader perspective and in world outlook Daffodils English School (DES) was established in l996 at Kota in Raipur (C.G.) having vast campus of 2.5 acre surrounded by lush green garden. The School is an English Medium Co-educational Institution, It is an unaided school, being administered by Daffodils Educational Society. The sprawling school campus, a masterpiece of architectural design comprises ideal class rooms, attractive administrative building, library and laboratories. It has playgrounds, children park and other necessary infrastructural facilities. The ideal school campus with its natural surroundings provides a proper and healthy environment befitting to the students to concentrate on their studies. The school is efficiently managed by a committee of dedicated eminent personalities. It also has the blessings and support of specialists having expertise and proven track record in the field of education,administration and journalism.

Director's Message

Daffodils English School was started in the year 1996 with a handful of teachers, building with limited capacity and classes only up to pre-primary.The vision then was the same as it is today, it was very well understood then, that any educational institution is not just about imparting knowledge.We knew very well the fact that information alone is not knowledge and knowledge alone is not wisdom, there is a term called Holistic development. Read More

Principal's Message

Its a proud & privilege for me to be an integral part of Daffodils English School.In the present Scenario when technique & technology has made a revolutionary change & globalization of world has crossed the national & International boundaries, education also got a new vision & mission.Now it is not limited to bookish knowledge or four walls of the class room, but to unlock individual’s potentials, provide opportunity, Read More